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The technique of moxibustion is a very ancient treatment technique that has been used in Chinese medicine for many conditions.  The technique involves the burning of an herb called Mugwort, which is set on or near acupuncture points, or acupuncture needles, and is then lit to burn in order to help the body to heal. 

Moxibustion has been used throughout Asian cultures for thousands of years with the purpose of improving blood flow, and to stimulate the movement of qi energy in the meridian channels and is often used for health maintenance. The technique is also used for conditions that are associated with “cold” in the meridian channels as well as ‘qi stagnation’ in the meridian channels. Burning moxa helps to repel cold and warms up the meridian channels which in turn leads to the better flow of qi energy through the meridians, and better flow of blood through the blood vessels. 

In Western medicine moxa is used in cases of pregnant woman when the baby is in a breech position. This is where the baby’s head faces upward instead of downward prior to giving birth. There was a study published in the Journal of American Medical Associations in 1998 which showed that 75% of the patients who were suffering from this condition were able to have the baby turned into a proper position as a result of receiving acupuncture and conjunction with moxibustion by using points on the bladder meridian. There are other studies that show similar results. 

Moxibustion also helps to ameliorate the symptoms of menstrual cramps when used with acupuncture. Other treatment applications include painful conditions such as neck pain, low back pain, head pain, digestive disturbances, fertility problems, as well as sports injuries. Patients with anxiety can also benefit from this Is technique.

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