ZYTO testing is an advanced form of electrodermal testing. Unlike other devices which require the use of a probe to touch the various acupuncture points, ZYTO testing removes potential reliability issues.

Electrodermal screening was first created by a Dr. Reinhard Voll, a medical physician in Germany in the 1940s. He is credited with finding that the electrical skin resistance (Galvanic Skin Response) of acupuncture points is different than the surrounding skin. In his research he found that acupuncture points have a unique energy signature, and have the ability to change based on other influences, such as giving patient different medicines or treatments. These changes can be measured using specialized electronic devices.

As noted above, the biggest issue with acupuncture electrodermal testing is the use of a probe which is required to touch each acupuncture point to gather the readings. There is great variability between operators with this type of equipment, and thus issues of what is referred to as inter-examiner reliability.

The ZYTO device removes this variable by using a specially designed hand cradle in which the patient simply rests their hand. The ZYTO device and its specialized software program can read the response to a variety of biofeedback signals to see what might be out of balance, and what services or products might be indicated to restore balance. It is a simple yet comprehensive assessment to evaluate each and every patient. The resulting dynamic data exchange, known as a biosurvey, involves computer generated signatures called "Virtual Items" and recording the body's Galvanic skin response, a well-developed method of monitoring stress responses that is commonly used in applications like polygraph tests and biofeedback.

We are very proud to offer this system in the office which provides greater clinical insight as to the needs are of our patients. ZYTO testing has now become an integral part of determining energy imbalances and improving treatment results. For an illustration on how ZYTO testing works please click here.