Aesthetic Skin & Fat/Cellulite Treatment

Radio frequency skin tightening (RF): is a fantastic technique which has used for some time to tighten the skin of the treated area.  RF has the ability to stimulate the skin since it produces mild heat in the tissues which in turn stimulates collagen production, and as a result tightens the skin. Treatments are generally performed weekly. After 10 sessions on a weekly basis, the patient will typically come in monthly for maintenance. These treatments are soothing and relaxing and the results are very good, especially when combined with specific skin tightening and nourishing serum in addition to proper home care products.

Ultrasound cavitation: is an established aesthetic treatment. It is designed to breakdown fat tissue using ultrasonic sound waves. As the treatment is used, it converts fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body's own natural filtration system. This treatment is typically used with a lipolytic serum to further enhance the results. Proper home care products are also recommended which also contain lipolytic agents. Ultrasound cavitation is frequently combined with detoxification protocols and weight management if needed. The minimum suggested number of fat cavitation sessions is 10. After 10 sessions on a weekly basis, the patient will typically come in monthly for maintenance.

Cellulite skin vacuum with radio frequency: actually draws the skin using a vacuum. This maximizes circulation.  At the same time radio-frequency is combined with mechanical massage using vacuum. This combination energizes the dermal and hypo-dermal tissue in the targeted area. This treatment is safe, effective and fast. There is no down time or recovery period. Th application of this treatment improves cell metabolism, promotes lymphatic drainage, minimizes cellulite appearance, reducing fat deposits  which results in skin and tissue firmness and improved appearance. The treatment is used on skin and it feels very nice and patients say it is very relaxing. This treatment is combined with lipolytic serum and and home care products. After 10 sessions on a weekly basis, the patient will typically come in monthly for maintenance.

Mesotherapy treatment: mesotherapy uses low dose natural products which are injected into the superficial skin tissues. It can be used for reduction of wrinkles and lines, as well as reducing the appearance of fat and cellulite. Mesotherapy can also be used as a method to treat pain. 

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