Doctors Trust Traumeel With Their Olympic Athletes

Doctors throughout the United States are reporting about treating their patients with Heel products. What is so unique about this? Well, the patients happen to be athletes who went to China to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. One such doctor is David MacIvor, DOM, AP, who left for Beijing on Sunday, August 9, with plenty of Heel’s flagship product Traumeel® in tow. One of his patients, Damu Cherry, an Olympic competitor in the 100 meter hurdles, ranked second at the U.S. Olympic trials and came in 4th place during the games. Dr. Mac (which is how his patients refer to him) treated Damu as she readied herself for the rigors of the finest competition in the world. “We have gotten really good results with Traumeel® injection solution (Rx) in combination with acupuncture,” Dr. Mac said.

While in Beijing, Dr. Mac worked with other athletes including Veronica Campbell-Brown and David Oliver. Veronica Campbell-Brown won the women’s 200 meters in a world-leading 21.94 seconds during the Olympic trials and David Oliver, who finished first in the Olympic trials, took the Bronze medal in the 100 meter hurdles.

Dr. Mac is a skilled Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician in private practice in Orlando, Florida. He treats many conditions associated with the musculoskeletal system including pain, muscle and soft tissue injuries, particularly sports injuries for competitive and professional athletes. Dr. Mac integrates Oriental Medicine with Western Medicine modalities, providing his patients with enhanced healing results.

Traumeel® is popular with athletes world-wide because of its non-doping properties and its supportive healing effects. Traumeel® reduces pain and inflammation and assists the body in recovery after an injury. A recent study of elite athletes confirms Traumeel® reduces the number of healing days on average by four. For professional athletes, returning to their sport healthy and quickly is of utmost importance. Traumeel® delivers both results, returning athletes to the game quickly and safely without masking the pain.

Dr. Denny uses this and many other HEEL products in his practice to treat a wide variety of condition.

If you would like more information about Dr. Denny’s practice please visit or Please call (954) 473-8925 for further information.

1. Orizola A. J. and Vargas F. The Efficacy of Traumeel® versus diclofenac and placebo ointment in tendinous pain in elite athletes: A double –blind, randomized controlled trial. 2007;ACSM.

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