Engystol Injection as a Prophylactic for Common Colds and Flu

As the cold and flu season approaches we want to prepare our practices for the influx of patients presenting with colds and flu. We also want to keep our patients as healthy as possible and give them the added benefit of staving off the flu or common cold to the best of our ability. You now have such a tool with Engystol®.

Engystol® is a combination homeopathic injectable containing Asclepias vincetoxicum (6X, 10X, 30X) and sulfur (4x, 10x). The specific indication for Engystol® is the activation of the non specific immune systems, particularly in influenza-like infections and viral diseases in general. The medication comes in injectable ampules, oral vials and tablets, but specifically we are looking at the injectable form with the following study.

Dr. Heilmann conducted a study looking at the prophylactic effects of Engystol® on a population of 102 healthy males, to assess the effectiveness of prevention of colds and flu. This was a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial.1 The men were given twice weekly injections of either Engystol® or isotonic saline, for three weeks, then observed for eight weeks following the injections.

Overall, there was no difference in frequency of occurrence with colds or flu between the groups. However, there was a considerable difference in the length of time between the last injection and the onset of either a cold or the flu, with the Engystol® group running an average of 34 days and the control group only going 19 days, before they became infected with either a cold or the flu. The length of illness was also substantially different between the groups, with the Engystol® group having an average length of illness for 11 days and the control group with the length of illness being 16 days. Based on set criteria in the study, the severity of the illness was also less for the Engystol® group, compared to the control.

So, with the duration of illness being shorter, the severity of symptoms less and the greater length of time between cessation of the injections and the onset of illness with the Engystol® group, we can hypothesize that Engystol® made a significant difference in the treatment for colds and flu. The application of Engystol® as an immunomodulator is favorable in the treatment of uncomplicated viral infections. Engystol® also provides the added benefit of no known side effects, contraindications or drug interactions. Therefore with most patients, you should be able to easily add Engystol® into a prophylactic protocol for protecting your patient population from the unwelcome effects of colds or the flu this season. Dr. Denny uses this and many other natural medicine products to treat a variety of conditions.


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From the Heeling Today Newsletter.

1-Heilmann, MD. A Combination Injection Preparation as a Prophylactic for Flu and Common Colds. Biological Therapy 1994, Vol. 12 No. 4, pp. 249-253.

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