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Why biological medicine?

More and more people are choosing biological medication when ill. The reason for this change is two-fold; the growing awareness and benefit of living a healthy lifestyle and, concerns over the possible side effects of chemical drugs.

What does the term “biological medicine” really mean?

Biological medicine is treating the body as the whole system which means treating mind, body and spirit. Biological medicine helps the body heal itself through the activation of its own defence mechanisms. This concept of biological medicine is also found in homotoxicology and homeopathy.

What is homoeopathy?

Dr. Saumel Hahnemann developed the area of medicine known as homoeopathy over 150 years ago. Homoeopathy can best be described as treating an illness with a medicinal substance which, in a healthy individual, causes symptoms similar to those of the disease itself.  Like an inoculation, homoeopathic medicine activates the body’s own defense mechanism and stimulates the immune system into action.

Why are homoeopathic medications diluted?

Almost all medicinal substances used in homoeopathy are derived from plants. They are diluted, or attenuated (homoeopathically processed), in order to prevent the individual from reacting too violently to the medicinal substances. An alchol solution is used to attenuate medications taken as drops, sterile saline water for ampoules and lactose (milk sugar) is used for tablets.

What is homotoxicology?

Expanding on the fundamentals of homoeopathy, Dr. H.H. Reckeweg developed homotoxicology views illness as the bodys natural process of defense against the disease-causing materials known as homotoxins. These body defense processes manifest themselves in a variety of symptoms such as fever, inflammation, dirrhea, weakness and general malaise. Dr. H.H. Reckeweg used his own medications that he termed “antihomotoxic” preparations when treating patients.

How do antihomotoxic preparations work?

Antihomotoxic preparations consist of a number of medicinally active, homoeopathically processed substances. Each component amplifies the effectiveness of the others, thus providing effective help to an even complicated pathological processes. Antihomotoxic preparations activate the body’s own defensive system, thereby neutralizing the disease causing homotoxins.

For which diseases can antihomotoxic preparations be prescribed?

Antihomotoxic medications are successfully employed in treating chronic illnesses, ailments of the respiratory system, worn joints and rheumatic disorders. Also, excellent therapeutic results can be achieved when treating gastrointestinal tract disoreders, dissiness, influenza etc. Antihomotoxic medications should always be taken under the supervision of a health care practitioner.

What are the advantages of antihomotoxic medication?

Antihomotoxic preparations have very few side effects and they may easily be combined with other types of medications. This advantage is particularly important to chronically ill patients who are required to take several medications at the same time. It means reducing the unpredictable risks of intolerance and side effects, thereby improving the quality of life for the patient.

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