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Attention sufferers of menopause symptoms – Are you sick and tired of PMS, hot flashes, unexplained weight gain, fatigue, low sex drive and other symptoms? Want to get your life back and start ENJOYING LIFE AGAIN? Then please read the results of this study:

Therapeutic effects of Klimakt-Heel® compared with a phytotherapeutic preparation for the treatment of menopausal symptoms – a randomized study *


In dissatisfaction with conventional therapies, many of today’s women turn to complementary and alternative medicine for treatment of menopausal symptoms. However, scientific studies on the effectiveness and safety of such therapies are lacking. In this study performed in a randomized fashion, women with menopausal symptoms were allocated to either the homeopathic preparation Klimakt-Heel® or to the phytotherapeutic medication Femolene Ultra® for 12 weeks.

The response to treatment and the smoothness of therapy over time were greater in the group receiving Klimakt-Heel®. None of the therapies had an appreciable effect on plasma 17-ß estradiol levels. Fewer women discontinued treatment with Klimakt-Heel® than Femolene Ultra®, indicating differences in tolerability between the therapies. A statistical analysis showed that the group on Klimakt-Heel® experienced a more significant decrease in symptoms and more women responded to treatment with Klimakt-Heel® than to Femolene Ultra® therapy.

In conclusion, Klimakt-Heel® is a safe, effective and well tolerated homeopathic remedy for menopausal symptoms and exerts its beneficial action in concordance with the principles of homotoxicology.

This growing popularity of CAM has empowered many women to deal more independently with ailments previously considered part of a woman’s condition. However, with this increasing interest and availability of remedies follows a need for clinical studies in the efficacy and safety of alternative medications, conducted with the same stringency as research in conventional therapies. The aim of the current study was to determine the effectiveness of Klimakt-Heel® compared with the phytoestrogen preparation Femolene Ultra® in the treatment of typical climacteric symptoms.

The awareness of the advantages of CAM therapies compared with conventional medical treatments is growing worldwide and the recent worry about possible negative effects of hormone replacement therapy has fuelled the need for safe and well-tolerated alternatives and extensions to common treatments.

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*Smit A. Komplementäre Therapie bei hormonellen Störungen älterer Frauen [Complementary medicine for hormonal disturbances in older women]. Biol Ther 2001;30(6):303-6.

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