Cigna Reports 15% of Spinal Fusion Customers Undergo 2nd Surgery: 5 Key Point

This is an interesting topic. Many patients who come in for spinal pain have the misguided notion that if our services don’t alleviate their spine pain to their satisfaction, they will, and I quote, “Just have surgery to fix the problem.” But the realty is very different. So as I explain to patients, “Not so fast!" 

The first paragraph of Becker’s Spine Review speaks volumes: 

"In 2011, Cigna examined spinal fusion patients and found 87 percent of customers who had fusions were still experiencing pain and undergoing additional therapies or drugs two years later, according to a report from the Tampa Bay Times." 

A whopping 87% are still in pain. This explains why we have so many post surgical patients in or practice. So much for evidence based medicine. If someone bothered to look at the evidence, perhaps we wouldn’t be performing so many spine surgeries? 

In our practice, we have so many services that can help patients with spinal pain, and I firmly believe that every single non-surgical option should be explored prior considering surgery.

Many patients try medications, including opioids, epidural injections, and some even try destroying painful nerves with a procedure called a rhizotomy. 

But unfortunately most patients do not fully utilize all the less invasive treatments, such as acupuncture which has worked for thousands of years, or newer therapies such as MLS Robotic Laser. 

We also offer patients cannabidiol (CBD) a pain relieving compound extracted from the hemp plant which has marvelous pain relieving qualities. 

So if you are suffering from spinal pain in either your neck, mid back, or your low back, please consider contacting the acupuncture and integrative medicine practice of Dr. Scott Denny with practice locations in Davie, Pompano and Boca Raton, Florida. Please also visit to complete your complimentary health care analysis and to receive your free eBook. 

To read the entire article please click here.

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