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MLS Robotic Laser Therapy- Combating Pain With Robotics For Over 9 Years

It is now my 9th year of using MLS Robotic Laser Therapy in clinical practice. We have had amazing results with many painful condition including knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain and even neck pain and lower back pain which can be caused by a myriad of conditions. It is not unusual to see 85-90% improvement using this technology. Most patients have improvement in a short period of time. It is non-invasive, painless to apply and soothing. You owe it to yourself, or your friends and family to have a complimentary consultation to see if the MLS Robotic Laser treatment can provide an answer for your pain. Stop suffering and please contact our office.

For more information about ozone, acupuncture, nutrition and integrative medicine please contact the acupuncture and integrative-medicine practice of Dr. Scott Denny with practice locations in Davie and Pompano Beach, Florida. Please also visit http://www.drscottdenny.com to complete your complimentary health analysis and receive a copy of Dr. Denny’s free eBook.

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