I’ll Just Have To Have The Surgery…..

I have heard this everyday for the past 34 years from patients. “Doc, you are my last resort before I have the surgery on my __________.” You can fill in the blank. The problem here is that surgery for many folks is NOT a permanent fix for their problem. This is an enormous misconception. Of course there are times where surgery is a must, but for many it is not a guaranteed result. In fact many patients may end up worse then when they started. In particular, patients who have an operation for “pain” is oftentimes disastrous. Pain is a multifaceted problem that generally cannot be “removed” with a scalpel.

Each and every year, thousands of patients with #osteoarthritis have #arthroscopic #knee operations. Unfortunately, it is not more effective than placebo surgery. Studies show it may not be worth having this surgery performed. Practice guidelines issued by experts show that the danger may outweigh the reward. These guidelines make a “strong recommendation against the use of arthroscopy in nearly all patients with degenerative knee disease.”

A common surgery is for #shoulder-impingement syndrome. In this case arthroscopic surgery is frequently recommended. However, in a 2018 research study, it was found that the surgery worked no better than “sham” surgery. In a two year follow-up with the same patients, they found the sham surgery had similar improvements as the real surgery.

Moving on the spine surgery a growing body of research concludes that spinal fusion and laminectomy for low back pain, #vertebroplasty for spinal compression fractures, and other surgeries for back pain have only modest advantages over non-surgical treatment. So if good outcomes can be a hit or a miss, why do people believe that surgery is the answer?

So what is the answer if surgery is not? Well, when it comes to treating pain, as mentioned earlier, treatment is generally multifaceted. It can include many types of treatments such as #MLS Robotic Laser, acupuncture, #prolozone injections, physical therapy, various medications, #stem-cell, #PRP, #exosomes, etc. You owe it to yourself to consider ALL non-surgical options prior to considering any surgery. You should consult with many health care practitioners for opinions. There are always new breakthroughs in pain treatment. Please do not be misled into thinking surgery is a definitive treatment for pain.

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