5 Things You Should Know About Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Things You Should Know About Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Before we get into the 5 things you should know about deep tissue laser therapy, it is important to understand the differences between the different kinds of therapeutic lasers. Therapy laser devices are broken down into two broad categories; low level lasers which are generally in the Class 3 category and high powered lasers which are in the Class 4 category. More specifically, Class 3 lasers are devices that are less than 500 milliwatts in power, and Class 4 lasers are more than 500 milliwatts in power. So cold, or low level lasers can be a "weak" as a laser pointer and high powered or hot lasers can literally be strong enough to burn. Having said this, deep tissue lasers are Class 4 lasers.  

So lets talk about laser therapy for pain and deep tissue laser therapy in particular.

1. Deep tissue laser reduces pain and inflammation and is free of side effects. Yes this is true! Deep tissue laser can reduce inflammation by down regulating inflammation at the cellular level. It is generally free of side effects as long as the dosing is correct, and any discomfort is transient and subsides very quickly. 

2. Deep tissue laser therapy can be used for acute and chronic problems effectively. This is also true. Laser therapy for pain Davie is effective for new and old conditions. There are changes made to the settings to accommodate the type of condition being treated, but it is effective for both. Acute conditions generally require less treatments and chronic or old conditions require more treatments to simulate tissue regeneration.

3. Deep tissue laser therapy can be customized. Yes, deep laser treatment is often customized in terms of power. Power is a function of the output of the laser and time. Acute conditions typically require shorter treatment with less power and chronic condition typically require more power and longer treatment times. 

4. Deep tissue laser treatment is soothing. Yes, this type of laser generally feels good due to the warmth created by the laser. However, please do not be confused as deep tissue laser is NOT a heat treatment, it is a light treatment. The byproduct of light generation is heat, but it is the light component of the laser therapy that produces the healing benefits attributed to deep laser treatment, but it still feels soothing!  

5. Deep tissue laser therapy treatment is quick. This is also true. Deep tissue laser treatments are faster than cold laser treatments. This is due to the dramatic increase in laser energy found in deep tissue lasers. The goal is to stimulate healing, and there are limits to how much energy can be applied. In fact, too much energy can inhibit healing, so more is not necessarily better!

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