Ozone Therapy


OZONE Therapy is a form of medicine that can increase the amount of oxygen in the body through the introduction of ozone. 

For our purposes, we utilize OZONE Therapy to reduce pain and to rehabilitate damaged tissues such as shoulders (rotator cuff, etc.), knees and the joints of the spine. Of course we can treat many parts of the body with ozone, but as this is an introduction to ozone, we want to familiarize you with some basic information about the process. 

Here is how the OZONE procedure is performed.

- We disinfect the area to be treated using alcohol and/or betadine. - Next we prepare a formulation of vitamins, minerals and homeopathic solutions that the body will use to help repair itself. - We then localize several points within the area of complaint to that will be treated.  - First we inject the special formulation into the areas we located. - Second, we follow each injection site with a second injection of  OZONE gas.

The OZONE causes the local tissues to react by stimulating the mitochondria of the cells that come in contact with the gas. Mitochondria are the "power supply" of all cells. The OZONE stimulates the mitochondria into a regenerative phase which begins the healing cycle.

At the same time, the healing cycle requires fuel... and that's where the vitamin injection comes into play. The tissues begin to utilize the formulations that were injected prior to the OZONE.

Finally, in order for the tissue repair to continue, oxygen is required. The OZONE gas, after a short period of time, breaks down into pure oxygen to supply the healing tissues. 

On average, patients require 2 to 6 OZONE sessions with each subsequent session at 2-week intervals. However, in certain situations, the injection schedule can vary.  

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