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"My appointments were at the Pompano Beach location. Their Staff was very congenial. Dr. Denny was informative, thorough, attentive, and his treatments were expertly administered. I experienced relief after my first treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Denny and his staff."

"To Whom It May Concern: I consulted with Dr. Denny at the Feldman Center for Optimal Health, in severe pain from sciatica, having received no relief from physical therapy, swimming or cold and heat packs, and minimal relief from anti-inflammatory drugs and pain pills. After visiting with Dr. Denny on several occasions, I was able to move without pain, for the first time in three weeks. I highly recommend Dr. Denny and believe he is a fine acupuncturist, and I am very happy that alternative medicine is being offered at Holy Cross Hospital and the Feldman Center for Optimal Health. I will recommend his services without hesitation."

"My name is D.B. and I am being treated by Dr. Scott Denny for complex regional pain syndrome, or R.S.D., of my left leg. I have seen a remarkable improvement in color, circulation, and mobility since Dr. Denny has been treating me. My medical physician and I are hoping that Dr. Denny’s approach to this very baffling disorder will allow me to go into full remission. Dr. Denny is the utmost professional. He will listen to your needs and spend time with you before each session to see how you have been doing. Without his help I would not be where I am today."

"Hi Dr. Denny, I just want to thank you so much for the treatment you gave me the other day...When I got home from the 1 appt last Monday I already felt better. Is that possible? That quickly? My knee felt so much better. The back of the leg wasn't stiff and I felt like a brand new person. During the week people at work remarked about it too since they see me grimace each time I sit down or get up from a chair and I did it with ease without discomfort. Just want to thank you and I'm looking forward to having this behind me and going forward to the next step...I just had to write to thank you for making such a big difference in my quality of life. The pain was keeping me from doing so many things. I see now that it will not be the norm."

"Scott: Just thought you would be interested in knowing that within two-three weeks after we returned to N.J. in mid-May my symptoms had, for all practical purposes, disappeared. As I write today (July 11, 2008), I am pain free and do not seem to have any residual complications. The combination of acupuncture, ultra-sound and laser was obviously effective. The last of my series of your treatments took place on May 6. Although the results were not immediate, they worked! Of course, if I have any future flare-ups, I'll be in touch."

"The doctor was very upfront and honest. He didn't seem to try and want to up-sell me on anything I don't need. In fact I was semi interested in other treatments beyond my Acupuncture that I had already known about and he very upfront told me that he doesn't see anything that would require that I need it. Seems like someone who does his work to do his work not to make money off of people.

Excellent service and provider. Dr Denny is great, especially for someone that really did not know what was going to take place. Book my second treatment immediately after my treatment."

"This medical professional certainly appears to have a high degree of expertise. After one visit, I've already noticed an improvement in my condition. He invested the time needed to diagnose, and remedy my issues. I will be back."

"My first time having acupuncture. Dr. Denny and his staff were wonderful. They took their time and answered all my questions about my course of treatment."

"The place was very clean & soothing. The staff was very helpful & polite. The doctor did not care to explain about the acupuncture process. Although I told him it was my very first time trying it."

"Dr. Denny was knowledgeable, personable and made me feel instantly comfortable. After just one session my pain was lightened. Will continue to go! Thank you!"

"Staff was great, friendly and made me feel comfortable right away. Patient room, waiting area, and everywhere I could see was very clean! I would not hesitate to recommend Integrative Hospital Associates!"

"Excellent practice staff is very friendly and helpful, doctor made me feel comfortable and the acupuncture was best I have had. Left there feeling stress free. I will definitely return. This is a gem and I'm glad I found it."

"Dr. Denny is very professional and I recommend him highly! His extensive education and experience compliments his caring nature to help his patients in their health journey."

"I am very pleased that I was introduced to Integrative Hospital Associates. It is just what I needed. Dr. Denny is very knowledgeable, very nice and very professional. I was very pleased with my treatment and look forward to the next one, tomorrow."

"Had an amazing experience! The doctor really listened to my concerns and the procedure was fantastic! I didn't even feel the needles and it was very relaxing. I can't wait to go back and I'm optimistic he will be able to resolve my pain!"

"The service was great and the staff was very pleasant as well. The doctor was very nice and explains to detail what he is doing."

"Doctor was very upfront and honest. He didn't seem to try and want to up-sell me on anything I don't need. In fact I was semi interested in other treatments beyond my Acupuncture and he very upfront told me that he doesn't see anything that would require that I need it."

"Great staff, super assessment prior to treatment, build treatment to meet my budget. Looking forward to getting better!"

"Provided me with a very thorough pre-treatment interview. The doctor concentrated on my health issues. I am definitely going again!"

"I visited Dr. Denny for a chemical imbalance, due to women issues. I started acupuncture treatments with Dr. Denny once a week for a total of four weeks, equally four sessions. Exactly, thirty days after my treatments, I experienced a full 8 day menstrual cycle. My gynecologist said, that it could take up to 1 year to get a cycle, after I stopped my birth control, but with Dr. Denny it took only 30 days after 4 treatments. I honestly can say, that he is truly a miracle worker and I highly recommend his holistic approach."

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