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Dry Needling Improves Spinal Mobility, Reduces Pain in Fibromyalgia, Study Finds

A treatment for fibromyalgia known as dry needling reduces pain stemming from trigger points and increases spinal mobility, according to a clinical study.

The technique uses needles to affect sensitive points in the muscle, which cause pain in seemingly unrelated body parts. Inactivating these trigger points appears to decrease pain.

The study, “Effects of Dry Needling on Spinal Mobility and Trigger Points in Patients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome,” was published in Pain Physician Journal and reported the results of a clinical trial (NCT02380807).

So who should one see for dry needling? See only a professionally trained board certified acupuncturist. Be wary of practitioners with weekend certifications and only see healthcare professionals with thousands of hours of training.

To read the entire article published in Fibromyalgia News please click on the following link


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