My Heart is Racing! Should I Be Concerned? Metagenics Institute

“You’re sitting in a relaxing chair at the bookstore with no acute stress or problems, when out of the blue your heart begins to race, flutter, and skip-beats. This is not the first time this has happened and you wonder if you might be experiencing a medical emergency. Should you be concerned and call 911, or simply ignore the strange fluttering feelings and continue reading? The answer, as is often the case in medicine: “It depends”. Most likely, though, you are experiencing a common occurrence known as a heart-palpitation.

Heart palpitations can be felt not just in the chest, but often in the throat and neck as well. They may occur during times of activity or while at rest. When experienced for the first time, the flipping and fluttering feeling can be uncomfortable and frightening. However, not all episodes of heart palpitations are dangerous; therefore differentiating those requiring medical intervention from harmless episodes is important…”

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