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Does Laetrile (Amygdalin or Vitamin B-17) Work as an Alternative Cancer Cure?

“Amygdalin, quackery or cure?” Amygdalin is a cyanide-containing compound found in apple seeds, but 10 times more concentrated in the seeds of peaches, apricots, and bitter almonds. It can be sold as a derivative called laetrile, advertised with the misnomer vitamin B-17. It gained popularity among cancer patients as an alternative treatment in the 1970s, but the reason there’s this 2016 review, and the reason I’m doing videos about it, is that it has “experienced a renaissance” thanks to the internet.”

It doesn’t look to good for Laetrile proponents according to Dr. Greger.

To watch the entire video on this subject please use this link.

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