Gua sha facial massage for anti-aging benefits

Young Woman Receiving Facial Massage

Gua sha is a very old Chinese process that is considered to support the flow of “chi” or energy in the complexion. Gua sha literally means "to scrape sand," which refers to the light, marked bruising on the skin after therapy. Check out for some more related info regarding how to gua sha face.

Some of the most widespread conditions and signs cured with gua sha are as follows:

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  2. Back pain
  3. Tennis elbow
  4. Scar problem
  5. Poor blood circulation
  6. Shoulder and neck tension

This procedure involves softly rubbing a tool on the face and neck. This tool is generally designed by using a jade or rose quartz and cut to fit the lines of the face in an upward sweeping action.

In theory, the stress applied on the skin through the gua sha tool causes a friction level that enhances circulation and raises blood flow to the region.

This procedure is akin to employing a jade roller in that both promote lymphatic drainage and lessen inflammation. Gua Sha in Davie is much more efficient as it takes things one step ahead by acting like a facial massage, releasing the rubbery tissue beneath the skin and bringing relief to the facial muscles.

What are the top gua sha facial benefits?

1.Stress release

We have tremendous stress on our face and neck. Gua sha stone for the face can get into sticky, rigid regions to release muscular stress, thus letting muscles perform their supportive tasks accurately. You would feel a great tension relief with gua sha repeatedly included in your self-care practice. This can be an outstanding device for Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) and headache. Regular relaxing of the facial muscles can even prevent and lighten light face lines. Go for the top-rated hospital for obtaining the most exemplary weight loss program Davie. Follow a low-carb diet in Davie to make the most out of your weight-loss treatment.


Gua sha is good for clearing obstructions in meridian channels that join our organs together and transmit both blood and chi (life force). Our channels require being clear to function pleasantly and for chi to flow well. If any organ is not working appropriately, the channel can be blocked and vice versa.

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