What Causes Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

Did you know that vitamin B12 is essential for human health? This nutrient is responsible for many important functions in the body, including energy production, DNA synthesis, and red blood cell formation. A deficiency in vitamin B12 can cause a wide range of symptoms, which is why it's important to know what causes this condition. In this blog post, we will discuss the most common causes of vitamin B12 deficiency.

1. Not Getting Enough Vitamin B12 in Your Diet

One of the most common causes of vitamin B12 deficiency is simply not getting enough of this nutrient in your diet. Vitamin B12 is found naturally in animal products, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy. If you don't eat these foods, or if you don't eat enough of them, you may not be getting enough vitamin B12. This is especially common in vegetarians and vegans, who may need to supplement their diet with this nutrient.

2. Poor Absorption of Vitamin B12

Even if you are getting enough vitamin B12 in your diet, you may still be deficient if your body is not absorbing this nutrient properly. Vitamin B12 absorption requires a protein called intrinsic factor, which is produced by the stomach. If you have a condition that affects the production of intrinsic factors, you may not be able to absorb vitamin B12 properly. This can lead to deficiency, even if you are eating enough of this nutrient.

3. Certain Medical Conditions

There are a number of medical conditions that can cause vitamin B12 deficiency. These include celiac disease, Crohn's disease, and pernicious anemia. If you have any of these conditions, it's important to speak to your doctor about the best way to manage your vitamin B12 levels. They will put you on a supplement regimen or suggest B12 injections to ensure that you are getting enough of this essential nutrient. However, it is important to know what should be the frequency of taking B12 injections as it will help you to take them on time and get the best results.

4. Medications

Certain medications can also cause vitamin B12 deficiency. These include metformin, a medication used to treat diabetes, and proton pump inhibitors, which are used to treat heartburn and acid reflux. If you are taking any of these medications, speak to your doctor about the possibility of vitamin B12 deficiency as well as the best way to manage your levels of this nutrient.

To Sum It Up

These are the most common causes of vitamin B12 deficiency. If you think you may be deficient in this nutrient, you can speak with us. We will help you get the treatment for vitamin B12 in Davie that you need to ensure that your vitamin B12 levels are where they should be. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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