What is Electro Medicine?

Electro Medicine is a specialized field where electrical currents are used to ease pain and heal tissues. Unlike conventional pain management where doctors use steroids to temporarily block pain, or methods such as ablation to destroy nerves, electroanalgesia works to block pain naturally and promotes tissue healing as opposed to tissue destruction. It is non-invasive and extremely safe to use.

Dr. Denny’s History With Electro Medicine

In the mid-1990s Dr. Denny reviewed the works of F.L. Jenkner M.D., and Robert Schwartz, M.D. to find that these doctors were using a variety of electrical currents to achieve pain relief and tissue healing in their patients. These techniques were successfully used in in our office as well as using multiple therapy systems as highlighted in the work of both doctors noted above.  

What Is The Matrix Electroanalgesia And How Does It Work?

The Matrix Electroanalgesia system is a treatment that uses a technology called electric signaling, based on the physics of electrical resonance. Resonance is the electrical signaling between nerves. 

The Matrix Electroanalgesia treatment system the only medical technology that uses specially designed Multi-Algorithm, Multi-Frequency programs.  It delivers high frequency signals and high energy to patients by using a specialized frequency generator.  The main goal is to maximize the energy levels between your nerves. When these signals are optimized, your nerves can transfer the energy to heal injured tissues and alleviate pain.

The Matrix Electroanalgesia system is non-narcotic, non-invasive, and a non-surgical treatment option. It is used for inflammatory conditions, like plantar fasciitis, as well as vascular conditions. Treatments last between 30 to 40 minutes and usually start with three visits per week.

As part of the  Matrix Electroanalgesia program, several injections of nutrients are applied to promote tissue and nerve healing.

Is The Matrix Electroanalgesia Used For Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy can be a debilitating disorder and is not uncommon among people with diabetes. Up to 50% of people with diabetes may eventually develop neuropathy during their disease if it isn't properly managed, but fortunately, there are various ways which include dietary changes for managing diabetic neuropathies. Neuropathy can range from simple numbness to intense burning in the extremities, and every imaginable symptom in-between such as tingling, or the feeling of something crawling on the skin, etc. This co

ndition worsens over the period of years. Treatment options are extremely limited and often unsuccessful. This includes medications for numbness to deaden nerve sensation which brings unwanted sedative side effects.

Patients who use the Matrix Electroanalgesia have improved sensation, reduction of numbness, improved range of motion, improvement of balance and since they have less symptoms, will experience improved sleep.

What Symptoms/Conditions Do We Treat With The Matrix Electroanalgesia System

Prickling / Tingling
Sharp Electric Pain
Burning Pain
Cramping & Discomfort
Hurts to Walk
Balance Problems
Diabetic Nerve Pain
Restless Leg
Inflammatory Conditions
Carpal Tunnel
Fibromyalgia Complex Regional Pain
Muscle Spam Reduction
Nerve Stimulation
Post Traumatic Pain
Muscle Rehabilitation & Re-education
Management of Long-Term Intractable pain
Maintaining or Increasing Range of Motion
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
Plantar Fasciitis
Vascular Conditions
Improvement of Circulation

If you are suffering from chronic pain but aren't sure how to manage it effectively, contact our office today for a complimentary consultation.

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