Top cardiologist: Saturated fats are good for you.

This is an interesting discussion that I frequently have with patients. Everyone is deathly afraid of eating fat, because they’ve been told for years that fat will clog your arteries and raise their cholesterol. The problem is this has been an unproven theory for decades, which started with Ancel Keyes “Seven Countries Study,” in which he elected to leave out the data from the other 15 countries that were part of his research. Why? The data from the other countries didn’t fit his conclusions. I hope the French had a good laugh. 

Eating healthy foods which contain saturated fat has not been shown to hurt anyone, in fact it is shown to have helpful benefits as you’ll see in the video. Sugar, excess carbohydrates, and processed foods which contain vegetable oils, which promote inflammation are the real issue. 

The two dietitians in the news report continue to restate the myth that fat is evil. Worse yet one dietitian suggests eating processed margarine as if this is a health food. Bizarre! Here is a link to another video that also sheds more light on this subject: Eat Fat, Stay Fit.

In our practice we frequently recommend the low-carbohydrate-healthy-fat-diet to patients, which is well tolerated, patients lose weight, and they feel great. Their follow-up blood work improves and their overall health improves as well. 

It’s time to revisit the fat myth. For a complimentary consultation to discuss weight loss and healthy eating please contact our acupuncture practice in either Davie, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, Florida. For more information about our practice please visit


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