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                         My experience as a former head of acupuncture at Holy Cross Hospital's Feldman Center for Optimal Health and a Past President of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management, has allowed me to provide health care at a higher level, with superior service to patients who require both western and eastern forms of medicine.

With over 30 years of clinical experience practicing acupuncture, oriental medicine, chiropractic, herbs, functional medicine, and other forms of natural healing, I have been able to help patients with many types of acute and chronic health conditions where others may have failed.

With my extensive educational background and clinical experience, I am confident that I can provide you solutions to your health problems. I offer painless treatments such as acupuncture, manual treatment of the joints, laser therapies, regenerative medicine, and proprietary treatments which are EXCLUSIVE to my practice. I look forward to helping you!

Yours in Health,

Scott Denny, PhD, AP, DOM, MS, LAc,
Fellow, American Association of Integrative Medicine,
Diplomate, Acupuncture (NCCAOM), Acupuncture & Neuromuscular Therapy (AAIM),
Diplomate & Past President, Academy of Integrative Pain Management (AIPM),
Founding Member & Past Director, Laser Pain Management Association,
Certified Wellness Coach, Lifestyle Medicine, Ozone & Acupoint Injection Therapy

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