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Why Can’t Dying Patients Have ANY Drug They Can Get Their Hands On?

The federal agency (FDA) that is supposed to protect the public against dangerous drugs, but they also might have another agenda. Oftentimes their enforcement defies logic and reason. This is especially true when it come to patients who are dying. In this article, Richard Jaffe, Esq., goes through the history as to why terminal patients do not have access to “unapproved” drugs and how the federal government and courts have hindered, and in certain instances also tried to help. 

Richard Jaffe Esq., is a health care litigator and counselor with a primary focus on cutting-edge medical/legal issues. He represents practitioners, companies, and health-related organizations in complex health care matters throughout the United States, especially legal cases brought by federal and state government agencies. For those of you who are concerned about your healthcare rights, please subscribe to the Bolen Report.

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