Supplements Can Make You Sick

Please read this hatchet piece. It is obviously funded by the pharmaceutical industry and probably backed by the goon squad at the FDA.

Take supplements at your own risk, since clearly they are dangerous. Remember to ask your medical physician for advice on supplements since they “know” drugs are the path to health and supplements will kill you. Do we really need to get into a discussion about the side-effects of those wonderful medications? They are worried about the “dangers” of supplements when medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US.

For those reading this, how many of your friends ended up in the emergency room because they took natural supplements and herbs?

In case anyone is interested there are already regulations in place for the manufacturing of supplements. But what this article would lead the reader to believe is that more government red-tape is needed to protect an “unsuspecting” public from the vitamin boogeyman.

Obviously we are all stupid and we need the numb-skulls in Washington to take care of this, too. They haven’t screwed up enough things already, and of course they are acting in our best interests. If this wasn’t so twisted, it would be laughable.

The author states, “23,000 people per year end up at the ER after taking a supplement.” Wow! 23,000 people in a country of 324 million people. 

How about this statistic from the NIH:

“ED visits involving adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals increased 82.9 percent between 2005 and 2009, from 1,250,377 to 2,287,273 visits, respectively.”

Pay attention to the last number which speaks to adverse reactions from medications: 2,287,273 visits. Over 2 MILLION PEOPLE! Worse yet this number is up over 1 million people in a four year period. Clearly the bigger issue are supplements. We need to stop people from taking dangerous probiotics before it is too late! 

If anyone is interested in learning more about supplements and how they should be used, please contact the acupuncture and integrative medicine practice of Dr. Scott Denny with practice locations in Davie and Pompano Beach, Florida. Please also visit and complete your complimentary health analysis.

Here is the link to the article which required me to reach for my antacids:

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