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Preventing and Treating Low Back Pain With Diet

Most folks don’t think of nutrition when it comes to low back pain. But the reality is your spine needs proper nutrition as does the rest of body. Decreased blood flow as a result of atherosclerotic plaque affects all arteries including the blood supply to spinal structures. This is why in our practice we encourage back pain patients who eat poorly to have a lifestyle medicine consultation in addition to their “physical” care they will be receiving in our practice.

For more information on low back pain treatment, losing weight, or just finding out how to improve your general health, please contact the acupuncture and integrative medicine practice of Dr. Scott Denny. We offer many services in our Davie, Florida, and Pompano Beach, Florida practice locations including weight loss programs, anti-aging protocols, MLS laser therapy, cupping therapy, and much more. Please visit www.drscottdenny.com and complete your complimentary health analysis.

To Read Dr. Michael Greger’s entire article on this subject, please click here

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