A Laser Lipo Guide: How It Works, What It Costs, What to Know Before You Go

A Laser Light Lipo Guide: How It Works, What It Costs, What to Know Before You Go

Does laser lipo work? Yes it does! Laser stimulates the mitochondria of the cell which activates upregulation of the cellular metabolism. It is also called lipo light body sculpting. 

Why is lipo laser is often referred to as laser liposuction? Lipo laser is not a surgical procedure. But laser liposuction before and after results are often similar in appearance to non-invasive lipo laser. In laser liposuction the doctor destroys or removes your subcutaneous fat which is an invasive procedure and is associated with the dangers of surgery. 

What is laser liposuction? Again this is a source of confusion, lipo laser is not the same as any procedure which uses the words "liposuction." With laser lipo laser pads are applied to skin and the skin and fat beneath the skin are stimulated to reduce the quantity of fat contained in the fat cells also known as adipocytes. 

Does laser lipolysis work? As noted above the use of lasers stimulate the fat cells to release their lipids, so it does work! We have seen the results from this procedure in many patients. Our practice has been performing lipo laser treatment for many years with great results. 

Is this considered a pain management in Davie? Although the low level lasers used for laser lipo can be used to for pain management in Davie, we prefer to use high powered lasers  such as the MLS Robotic Laser

What does this procedure cost?  Laser lipo costs are comparable with office visit fees and treatment packages are available which makes the treatment very affordable. Most patients will have series of treatments. They are typically performed twice weekly. Measurements are taken before and after the treatment plan.

Can I combine this treatment with other services? Many patient's will combine laser lipo with detoxification and vitamin injections

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