The Ultimate Guide to Gua Sha: All you need to know about it!

The Ultimate Guide to Gua Sha

What is Gua Sha? It's a traditional Chinese medical treatment that has been around for over 2,000 years. You can find it in all sorts of places like countries like China and Thailand. The idea behind the treatment is to release tension by stimulating pressure points on your body with an instrument, typically made out of bamboo or jade. There are lots of different things you should know about it before trying it yourself! Let's take a look at what this ancient technique does and how you can get involved today!

Why do people use Gua Sha? (pronounced "Gwah-Shah")

There are many specific conditions that Gua Sha might address: headaches and migraines; neck and back pain; digestive disorders, such as constipation or bloating; respiratory problems such as bronchitis or asthma; urinary infections and reproductive problems. In addition to addressing a particular health concern, Gua Sha can be used preventatively to address issues of being out of balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It might also be used to increase vitality in the workplace or in the classroom, to relieve symptoms of jet lag, and may even be used as an alternative treatment for both depression and anxiety.

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Why shouldn't you try doing with Gua Sha by yourself?

You may have heard people trying Gua Sha at home and seen many Instagram videos on the same. But the reality is that Gua Sha shouldn't be performed by an inexperienced person. The reasons being as below:

1. You might hurt yourself or someone else!

When done properly, Gua Sha is a safe treatment that does not cause any harm to your body. However, you should never perform this technique on another person without prior training and proper guidance from a professional. Without a strong understanding of how it's performed, you may irritate or even injure your partner's skin or underlying tissue.

2. You might miss the desired area!

Even though you're using a smooth, polished edge, it can be difficult to accurately target an exact location with just your eyesight and touch alone-especially if you don't know exactly where to look for the tender points or if you are performing this treatment over a large surface area. You might also accidentally hit an acupuncture point or tendon, which can create even more pain in the area.

3. It only works when someone else does it for you!

As stated before, this technique is very difficult to perform on yourself. It's ideal to find an experienced Gua Sha practitioner who can see the area you're treating and guide your movements along the right path, guiding your hand or instrument into that deeply buried muscle or between those tightly packed sinews.

4. It's difficult to remove the tool from the area once you're finished!

Gua Sha is a very firm treatment, especially when using jade or steel tools. If you try to remove the tool before it's time to do so, it can cause further damage to the skin and underlying tissue by tearing them away from the muscle fibers-which are still contracted due to your position. This can be extremely painful!

5. Professional vs. amateur is another issue

Gua Sha is a technique that requires a good deal of physical pressure. Without the aid of a professional, it's difficult to have enough strength in your fingers and hands to produce deep tissue work. They know best about how to do Gua Sha, how often you should do Gua Sha to avoid irritation on the skin and more.

How is a Gua Sha treatment performed professionally?

First, the professional will thoroughly cleanse their hands, which will allow them to work on another person's body safely and effectively. Next, they will choose your Gua Sha tool. Traditional options are jade, horn, ceramic, or crystal tools-all solid materials that do not contain any Sharp edges. The area of the body that's being worked on will always be draped with either a heavy blanket or a towel. This will help protect the skin and allow it to easily cradle the area being treated. Finally, the chosen instrument is rubbed with clean hands to heat it up, then placed on the area of the body that needs attention. Moderate to firm pressure is used to glide the tool over the skin. The number of passes will vary depending on the goals; some people like to do several passes over each area, while others might only spend a few seconds on each location.

After one pass is finished, the tool is re-heated, and another pass is made. The process is repeated several times until three to four passes are made. Each successive pass will remove more skin cells and increase the amount of blood flow to that area; it can be more painful if not performed well.

Aftercare tips

The main purpose of the aftercare Gua Sha routine is to allow your body to heal and rejuvenate. For that reason, you should never try to work out or engage in any strenuous activities right after a Gua Sha treatment-even if it's your first time

1) Footbath: It will help you relax and remove toxins from your body

3) Drink plenty of water: Well-hydrated skin is stronger skin, so this will help prevent any potential damage from occurring

4) Use ice: Applying a bag of ice to the area will help reduce inflammation and any pain you might be feeling

5) Take a nap: Getting plenty of rest will allow your mind and body time to relax, recover, and absorb all that you just experienced

How long should a Gua Sha session be for?

In general, a Gua Sha session should last from ten to fifteen minutes. In a spa, treatments may be longer. In medical practice, they tend to be shorter in length. The shorter duration is usually used during initial treatment for severe pain or to treat a specific area of the body. The longer sessions are used when treating chronic conditions that have lasted many years or for more widespread areas, such as the back or neck.

How long does it take to see results from Gua Sha?

This will depend on the severity of your issue. If you're trying to eliminate migraines or chronic body pain, you can expect to see results after one session-however, this might take multiple sessions in order for the skin to fully absorb all of those nutrients and minerals.

Where to find a Gua Sha treatment near me?

If you are looking for a Gua Sha in Davie, your search is over. We at INTEGRATIVE HOSPITAL ASSOCIATES provide Gua Sha treatment to our patients. Dr. Scott Denny, with over 35 years of clinical experience, helps patients with many types of acute and chronic health conditions in Davie, FL, where others may have failed.

So, if you tired of suffering from pain, illness, or a chronic condition? Get started on a Gua Sha treatment. Contact us  to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott Denny. We hope this guide to Gua Sha was helpful in demystifying some of the mysteries surrounding Gua sha.

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