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Chelation Therapy Benefits: What To Know

Why Do Patients Choose Chelation Therapy?

One of the primary benefits of chelation therapy in Davie, FL is its ability to eliminate harmful heavy metals from the body. However, this isn't the only advantage. Chelation therapy has also been shown to have other positive effects, such as lowering blood pressure, alleviating fatigue, reducing inflammation, and even decreasing the risk of heart attack. Additionally, it may also be used in the treatment and prevention of serious illnesses like Alzheimer's disease and certain types of cancer.

Read on to learn more about these benefits.

Detoxifies the Body from Toxic Metals

As previously mentioned, chelation therapy has the potential to be an effective method for eliminating a variety of toxic heavy metals from the body. This includes iron, lead, mercury, arsenic, nickel, and copper. When individuals inhale polluted air, consume contaminated water, or ingest lead paint, these substances can enter their bloodstream, resulting in heavy metal poisoning.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Apart from heavy metals, chelating agents can aid in reducing high blood pressure. This condition, also known as hypertension, is a major concern for adults and increases the likelihood of developing various health issues. These include cardiovascular disease, heart disease, coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, kidney disease, and vascular dementia.

Reduces Fatigue

It is believed that the presence of heavy metals and toxins in the body can cause physical and mental fatigue. However, by eliminating these harmful substances, individuals may experience a boost in energy levels and improved mental clarity.

Fights Inflammation

According to research, chelating agents have the ability to decrease inflammation in the body. These compounds function as antioxidants and could potentially combat harmful free radicals and oxidative stress. So, chelation therapy in Davie, FL may provide relief from pain and swelling caused by inflammation in the body.

Prevents Heart Attacks

It is thought that chelating treatment binds with the calcium present in plaque buildup within the arteries, effectively removing it from the bloodstream and reducing the risk of heart attacks.

Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Although there is no definitive treatment for reversing or halting the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, there are some researchers who believe in the potential of chelation therapy. This condition is linked to abnormal levels of beta-amyloid protein, and studies have shown that chelating drugs may help to decrease its presence, potentially slowing down the advancement of Alzheimer’s.

The Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

Chelation therapy has been found to be beneficial in preventing and treating certain types of cancer. In particular, it has shown promising results in treating prostate cancer and breast cancer. This is due to the fact that cancerous tumors require metal ions such as iron, zinc, and copper to grow. Chelators work by inhibiting the metabolic processes of these cells, thus controlling the proteins that are affected by these metals.

Other Benefits of Chelation Therapy

Chelating agents can have additional advantages in treating diabetic ulcers and intermittent claudication. They may also potentially prevent conditions like peripheral neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. Additionally, chelation therapy is thought to aid in proper wound healing. So, it has multiple benefits apart from its primary function of removing heavy metals from the body. 

How Does Chelation Therapy Function?

Chelation therapy usually entails the introduction of chelating agents and essential nutrients into the bloodstream. These substances combine with heavy metals such as iron, lead, cadmium, and mercury. Once attached, they are then eliminated from the body through urine, effectively ridding it of these toxic elements.

This is a safe natural approach to detoxification and healing!

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