Complete Guide To Understanding And Treating Cellulite

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How to treat cellulite in Davie, Florida. There are a variety of body treatments for cellulite. These can include; radio frequency therapy, ultrasound therapy, the use of a skin vacuum and mesotherapy, to name a few. Some treatments will work better than others and each patients needs require variations in the approach. 

But before we get into how to treat cellulite, what is cellulite, and how is cellulite formed? The presence of the hormone estrogen in high amounts is the main culprit in cellulite formation. This is why it is a condition that mostly afflicts women. Cellulite are fat pockets trapped in a connective tissue framework. The trapped fat pockets look like small depressions or dimples which produces the classic skin dimpling effect so commonly found with cellulite.  Cellulite improves as estrogen levels are reduced such as in menopause. 

Radio frequency treatment tightens skin thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. 

* The vacuum technique also known as endomology literally vacuums the tissue into a cup like devices, softening the appearance of cellulite. 

* Ultrasound therapy helps to break down cellulite tissue. 

* Mesotherapy are small injections of vitamins, fat emulsifiers and other natural products to help break-up fat tissue and soften the connective tissue.

In our practice we do offer many of these cellulite treatments in Davie. Please visit our page for aesthetic skin treatment. We also offer the lipo laser and extracorporeal shockwave therapy which are also other treatment options for the treatment of cellulite.  

For more information on lifestyle medicine, pain treatment, regenerative medicine, ozone, vitamin therapy, detoxification, nutrition or any of the other wonderful integrative medicine services we provide, please contact the practice of Dr. Scott Denny and Dr. Justine Denny with our practice location in Davie, Florida. Please visit to receive a copy of Dr. Denny’s free acupuncture eBook.

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